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Product Development

Experience rapid prototyping for yourself with professional 3D printing solutions. Print. Test. Gauge response. Repeat. While shrinking lead times and slashing costs.

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Discover the ease and efficiency that 3D printing brings to the factory floor. Streamline retooling and accelerate assembly times, while achieving higher levels of precision.

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End-Use Parts

Go beyond rapid prototyping and deploy 3D printing applications for on-demand manufacturing. Custom one-offs, replacement parts, or even small-batch production runs.

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Urban Scale Interventions: 3D printing sustainable lighting installations

When commissioned to transform seven forgotten sites in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the USI team turned to 3D printing to create a lighting experience that draws inspiration from local history. Their largest, award-winning installation at the "Winecellar Entry" has transformed the space outside the city's oldest tavern, Whites. What was once a hub for antisocial behavior has become a tourist hotspot and one of the most photographed parts of the city.

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