Cublex Series | 5-Axis Multitasking Machining Center

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  • Cublex 63
  • Cublex 63 | 5-Axis Multitasking Machining Center

    The Cublex-63 offers users outstanding 5-Axis Milling capabilities coupled with an integrated high end turning center. The machine has Highly Rigid and Stable Milling and Turning. Available with PC6, PC18 Tower Pallet System options.

    Work Size (in): Φ24.80×H17.71
    Loading Capacity (lb.): 770
    Travel (X,Y,Z) (in): 760/845/660
    Travel (B/C): 120~+30/360
    Spindle Speed (min-1): 12,000 : HSK-A63W
    Rapid Traverse (X,Y,Z) (ipm): 2,632.2
    Number of Tools: 51: HSK-A63W