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    HYDMECH Cold Saws deliver clean, straight, and the most accurate cuts for all your metal applications, including both ferrous and non-ferrous. HYDMECH premium quality rigid HSS and Carbide circular blades provide some of the best cuts in the industry. These Cold Saws are available in manual, automatic, semi-automatic models with mitering capacity from 90º, 45º right or left, 60º left, and 45º tilted head.

    Rectangular Capacity at 90°: Starting at 2 1/2”H x 2”W through 7”H x 3 3/4”W
    Blade Size: Starting at 9” through 14”
    Blade Drive: Starting at 1Hp through 2.5/3Hp
    Mitering: Starting at 45°left through 60°left and 45°right

*All information subject to change depending on machine.