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  • Vertical Tilt-frame Band Saw
  • Vertical Tilt-frame Band Saw | Vertical Saws

    Mid to Heavy-duty, high speed, hydraulic, vertical metal cutting band saws made to withstand the high demands of machine and fabrication shops.

    Capacity Nominal: Starting at 15"x20" through 31.25"x37.5"
    Speed Range: Starting at 60 to 400 FPM thorough 60 to 650 FPM
    Capacity 45°: Starting at 18 x 14.5" through 31.25" x 25.5"
    Main Drive: Starting at 5Hp through 15 Hp
    Blade Speed Range: 50-450FPM through 30-650FPM

  • Vertical Contour Saw
  • Vertical Contour Saw | Vertical Saws

    High-speed metal cutting vertical contour saw ideal for light to medium metal cutting applications.

    Capacity: Starting at 20" Blade to Column, 12" Work Height through 36" Blade to Column, 12" Work Height Blade: Starting at .125"-1
    Blade Length: Starting at 158-3/4" through 197-3/4"
    Blade Speed: 50-415 and 550-5000 SFPM

*All information subject to change depending on machine.